What I offer

Design and Development

My primary service and focus is on creating beautiful fully functioning responsive websites. Whether you want an e-commerce site, a portfolio or gallery site, or if you belong to a group or team and want a presence on the web, I can help you get up and running. I offer affordable rates based on the complete project, and how much “elbow grease” you and I decide need to go into the project. You don’t have to worry about hold-ups and technical problems arising and effecting the cost because I do not bill hourly for my design and development projects. I will work with you to get the details right the first time and keep ongoing open communication through the project until completion to your satisfaction.

Custom Media

As a support service to my web design and development services, I offer custom logo design, icon design and other custom media. I can help with creating product photos, photo touch ups or even Photoshop a picture of a house in clouds. I can get photos of your sports team in action or if you have other hobbies or events you want photographed or filmed I can help with that too.¬†¬†Adding a video of your Airsoft team coming from behind and annihilating the opposing team would really buff up your team’s image! Costs for these service vary but I work closely with other professional freelancers located all over the US to get what you need.

Maintenance and Revamping

Even the simplest of websites needs occasional maintenance and upkeep and overtime all websites need a little overhauling. I offer two strategies to this challenge, the first is ongoing monthly maintenance. This is often more affordable than option two: as needed, hourly maintenance or revamping. When left unchecked a problem on your website is like a mechanical problem in your car, when you finally go to fix it you realize that the original problem has effected other areas of the car. Leaving your site freely floating in cyberspace without continued monitoring and maintenance can lead to costly issues that require more time to repair than if the problem was caught right away.

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