Hello! I am Robert Ross Jr. (Yes, that’s me right there!)

Selfie Web Designer

And hopefully your next web designer and developer.

I have been dabbling in web design and development since it was all HTML and tables, it has come a long way since then and I sure am glad! You should be too because it has allowed me, after taking several brick and mortar classes as well as online instruction, to build beautiful websites like the one you’re visiting now.

My focus is on building affordable, functional, responsive (works across multiple devices) and attractive sites that fit your business’s needs. I have completed sites for service businesses as well as for sales businesses and my client list continues to grow. I have even worked on sites for personal use, such as a client who wanted a website to honor her mother and commemorate the paintings she left to the family.

I began freelance designing/developing in 2014 while in college after my web development professor re-inspired me to get into building websites for small businesses. With his help I landed my first client who had an existing website built with the help of a DIY drag and drop site – not to knock those drag and drop sites, but you could tell! It was a very dated, had limited functionality and almost no visitor interaction. To sum it up, it was drab and boring. He knew how he wanted it to look and work but had limited coding and design knowledge, I was able to help him by providing a responsive site, professional looking photo gallery and better overall layout of his site’s content. It was through this first client I thought of webRevamp and began hosting webRevamp.net looking for more people to help.

While working with some clients I also found a love for graphic design and taught myself (with YouTube’s help of course) how to get around Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.  I am comfortable enough to offer it to some clients looking for custom logos, graphics or just photo retouching.

When taking on a new project, I’ll spend a little time getting to know you, what your goals for the site are, who your site’s target audience is and I usually like to know what your top three favorite sites are for inspiration and ideas. So if you’re looking to contact me, give those some thought first so we can get to the fun stuff, developing your site and accomplishing your goals.

So, whether you are looking to build a new website from the ground up, revamp an existing site or create some custom graphics, webRevamp.net might be the company for you. Check out my portfolio and send me an email through the contact link above or below (and right HERE). (Can you tell I am eager to hear from you?)

Interested in how webRevamp can help your business?