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Pro bono work is subject entirely to my discretion. I am taking on unique projects to help grow my portfolio and expand my client base. I will work with you as I would any other client to provide you with a satisfactory site. Not all inquiries will qualify for this promotion. There may be some features for your site that cannot be complete pro bono. You will know this BEFORE I begin working on your site and you can choose to omit that feature, choose a similar feature that is included in the pro bono work or chose not to participate in the promotion. 

Pro bono work DOES NOT include domain registration and hosting costs which vary depending on which hosting service you choose. These costs will be discussed and are due prior to beginning work. 

There is limited space for new clients under this promotion. Any inquiries that do not qualify will still receive a response from me with an estimate to complete their project. 

By submitting a contact request to the right you acknowledge you have read these terms and conditions and that additional terms may be agreed upon before beginning work. 

Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon! 

Robert Ross

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